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Full Home Inspection

Insure peace of mind when purchasing a new home.

    Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is designed to try to give you some relief on your premium for the wind portion of you home owners insurance by identifying "mitigating features" in the design and construction of your home that can save you up to 30%. Prices start at 85.00 for a normal home up to around 2500 sqft. Prices for larger homes would be adjusted for size.

Roof Inspection

Four Point Inspection

A four point inspection is an inspection ordered by your insurance carrier to assess the condition of your electrical, plumbing, heating/air-conditioning and roof systems.

This inspection is one reason why a full home inspection is so important. Any one of these four systems can lead to your insurance being canceled, or a carrier refusing to carry you in the first place, if they are deemed to be inadequate by  your carrier. Even if it would pass an inspection by your municipality, the insurance companies play by their own rules. Price is $85.00

Roof Inspection

From time to time Your insurance company may require you to have a roof certification inspection as a part of your insurance. Price, 75.00.

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